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Unleash your app in a web browser. Browsers can be very secure, efficient, and convenient. Web applications don't require client installation.

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Our company has over a decade of continuous experience. We provide invaluable organizational knowledge to all our partnerships. We foster long and meaningful business relationships across borders and the entire planet.

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Partnership Tech Development

An advantageous cost-only model with 100% transparency in exchange for stake in your idea. We win only when you win, so our goals align from the start. We are your partners not vendors.

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Web Development

Empower your business with a sophisticated online presence. We offer everything from intranet web applications to public marketing sites and web applications. All conveniently integrated with custom ERPs, customer service and CRMs.

Web application development
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App Repositories (ie App/Play/Web Store)

Take your idea from vision to market deployment on the Android/iOS store. Business IoT, engineering consultations, and well-defined management systems.

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Fintech Solutions

Experienced in regulatory compliance, we innovate in accordance with best-in-class security and compliance protocols. Our capabilities include fintech tools, crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency deployment, and financial expert systems.

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Ecommerce Solutions

Trim down non-value add processes and scale up exactly when needed. Build convenient ecommerce platforms they will actually enjoy.

When your market is online, ecommerce is the key to unlocking a greater market share. We can help you build a successful commercial product to beat the competition.

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AI Solutions

We can help you build cutting-edge intelligent business software to minimize risk maximizing value to your business.

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International Software Partnerships

We create products that are consumed in 10+ countries and 3 continents.


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Asia Pacific

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Competitive Advantages

Depending on what your idea is, we can provide prototypes and proposals to help you get funding. Against your competitors, you will have the most robust and secure software solution and be the fastest to act with the best information.

  • Bottom-line cost advantage - latest best-in-class scalable oracle, sap, or in-house ERP systems.

  • Top-line sales advantage - robust marketing and sales technology with digital ads and CRM systems.

  • Smarter people advantage - attract and retain top talent. Transparent incentives that compensate performance perfectly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A very common first question. We get it. A full-stack application with global reach will need a budget of at least 50,000 USD for the first quarter. A fully functional website with a normal set of features and a content management system can be closer to $5,000 to $10,000 USD. Your project will receive a full proposal and a detailed plan to assist with funding requirements.

To minimize your risk, we also offer cost-plus partnerships. Rather than pay normal fees, bring us into your project as part owners with shares and/or stock options. If your idea is great, then we are very confident in our ability to perform. We can also help you secure funding with investors through prototypes, proof-of-concept work, and market research.

  1. Determine what you want to achieve at the highest level.

    We often recommend cross platform application development. Current development process make this more convenient. Cross platform development also reduces total development time.

    We specialize in business applications that are platform agnostic and integrated with ERP systems and high stakes projects. Our experience with governments, security protocols, and robust encryption methods provide enterprise grade transparency, security, and intelligence.

  2. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.

    The executive director and CTO will evaluate the mutual opportunity, brainstorm with you, and draft a proposal. Depending on the size of the project, various stakeholders may be brought into the discussion.

  3. An accepted proposal will then start the process of developing prototypes, building proof-of-concept material, and if applicable draft any documentation required for funding rounds.
  4. Development begins according to plan through pre-defined iterations. The product is built with a clear MVP.
  5. Once the idea has reached the MVP stage, the complete architecture, systems integrations, and management processes will be put in place.

    Throughout operations, all decisions will be methodically measured and iterated until well established and profitable, just like our past projects.

    Overseen by the Choice Tech CTO himself, project management and collaboration throughout the entire process will be meaningful and highly productive.

Apps and Websites can be built in a couple of days and large development operations with a full systems architecture can take a couple of months. We are not tied to physical infrastructure nor are we tied to geographical limitations. We are free to work as quickly as your budget affords and have the human resources required to quickly scale up.

We are technology experts first, but we are also expert project managers. With every new product, we meticulously map out requirements, processes, and appoint the right people to each task. With a network of top international talent, we ensure timelines are predictable.

Every idea is unique, and so is every business venture. You have the option to commit resources you already have to technology development or management. You also have the option to draw back and strictly provide oversight. We can coordinate with your managers, strategists, and consultants or we can provide them.

All end-to-end product and enterprise partnerships will be led by a CTO provided by Choice Tech, who answers to you or your internal lead.

We have top talent in software, systems, and technology. But to address the practical nature of technological innovation and product development, consider our approach to best-in-class management systems. We’ve adopted world-class management processes; we have top level experience managing technology; and we embrace a pragmatic approach to change management which allows us to work with organizations of all sizes.

Yes. If you are a sole entrepreneur with a great idea then we have the people and structures to provide complete end-to-end solutions. Applications are all developed from the ground up - following best practices and future proof technologies. Custom documentation and training programs can be provided for your use case, and we can source permanent staff and establish your operational capacity.

The global situation that will be faced by humanity for years to come heavily relies on technological innovation to protect it. By supporting great ideas, technology, and empowering people to achieve the amazing, we are doing the best we can in this lifetime to do great things.

Our careful selection of who we partner with is a major factor in our shared success. With confidence and a willingness to establish long-term partnerships we are willing to work for stock options and shares (stake) and not inside profits.